xp_msver | Unable to determine server language version

Today on one of the instances, faced a strange issue. I have SA privileges on that SQL Server 2000 instance and I am able to execute all extended stored procedures like xp_fixeddrives etc. but not xp_msver. Whenever I execute xp_msver the below error message is thrown.

Msg 50001, Level 1, State 50001
xp_msver:      Unable to determine server language version.

Even when I click on the instance properties in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, many of the fields would be blank. This is because the GUI calls the xp_msver extended stored procedure.

After a lot of trial and errors, headed to the Registry as a final resort. Here is what was done.

  • Opened the Registry through “Run –> regedit.exe”
  • Navigated to
  • The value of the “Language” DWORD was

  • Doubled clicked on “Language” and entered “409” which stands for “English (United States) and hit enter
  • Now it looked like

Now back to Query Analyzer and xp_msver returned the results !

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