Find index space used details | SQL Server 2000

Today in one of the Online Communities, a question was asked. How to find the size/space used details of an Index in SQL Server 2000?

The places to look for this information are the sysindexes and sysobjects tables. The  values in the reserved and used columns are in pages. Number of pages * 8 KB will give the actual size. The below query gives the Reserved and Used details for all the indexes in a table.

object_name(,,sum(reserved)*8 as [sum_reserved (KB)],
sum(used)*8 as [sum_used (KB)]
sysindexes a, sysobjects b
indid in (1,255) and = and b.type='U'
group by,
order by object_name(,

Even though this is not the most elegant way of getting the information, this query provides the requisite information.