Does Maintenance Plan depend on SSIS?

Yesterday, I responded to a post in which the Maintenance Plans were failing after the cluster resources failed over. The user doubted that on the passive node (now active after failover), the Service Pack installation was not done properly and it had to do anything with SSIS installation on that node.

Since maintenance jobs were failing, I was thinking of trouble shooting this with the help of the error messages in the job logs. Meanwhile an angel knocked on my head and reminded “Hey, SQL Server 2005 does not depend on SSIS”.

Oh Yes! SQL Server 2005 SP2 and  SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU3 onwards, the Maintenance Plans do not depend on SSIS. Microsoft articles here and here confirm that fact.

Now that the SSIS dependency is ruled out the job failures experienced by the user has to do something with the Service Pack 2 installation or some other factor. I am eagerly waiting for the Job Error Logs to see what is causing the job failures.