Change ‘Edit Top 200 rows’ setting in SSMS 2008

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is a good feature rich tool. While many choose to do data manipulation using T-SQL queries, there are a lot of users who make use of SSMS for manipulating data.

Until SQL Server 2008, right clicking on the table would provide options to SELECT or EDIT “all” rows in the table.

But in SQL Server 2008, SSMS allows only Top 1000 rows to be selected and Top 200 rows to be edited.

This restriction may not be useful especially when one wants to see/edit more number of rows in SSMS. Is there a way to change this behavior? Yes, SSMS has that option under Tools –> Options.

The other feature is that if a value of 0 is entered in any of the above fields, SSMS will list all the rows from the table (Not a good idea to do a SELECT * on a big table)