I am back !

The last two days I was too much preoccupied with my Laptop. No, I did not buy a new one. Of late, it was competing with me on slowness! A minimum of 20 minutes to get ready to work. I always want to retain the top slot when it comes to getting ready, I decided to have it formatted.

I work for a “big” MNC, at times it reminds me of the Sumo Wrestler. Bigger reach, more opportunities to grow and more strength exactly like the Sumo Wrestler has. The week point of the Sumo Wrestler is maneuver. Very difficult. Similary, at times things don’t move that fast here as well because of “processes” in place. I was running from post to pillar to get my laptop formatted and it took 5 hours for the “formatter” to grace my cubicle! All said and done, I am proud to be part of this company which has provided me with the best possible opportunities in my career (Applause !).

The laptop was ready and super fast this time. We use the Citrix Web Interface to support the client’s servers and it was the first thing that I installed on my laptop. It was supposed to be a cake-walk since I had done it many a times. As always, it was not the case. When I launch any application, I started getting SSL 4 error (as per Citrix, this means that the encrypted communication between the client and the server was failing).

The new operating system image loaded on my laptop had some “extra” configuration along with Windows XP SP3. This was not going well with the Citrix Server. Since I am the first victim of this issue, the System Administrators claim that “All is well” with my Citrix Profile. Obviously the Certificate published on the Citrix Server has a misconfiguration (with port # 443), but it takes more than just one victim for our System Admins to peep into it.

The geek in me does not let me settle down. In the last two days, whenever I opened the laptop I could not help trying some or the other workaround to fix this. So no blog, no SQL Server communities for the last two days. Since I wanted to get it going, decided not to fight with my laptop settings anymore. So fired up an RTM image of Windows XP on my Virtual PC and yes, my Citrix Applications were working there! For now, I will settle down with this workaround but still striving to get that “permanent” fix.

Since the Citrix issue is kind of out of mind now, I am back here (hopefully with a bigger bang) doing what I am good at (apart from talking ;))

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