Citrix Issue Resolved!

As I posted a few days ago, after formatting my laptop I have had issues while launching applications from one of the client’s Citrix sites. I tried resetting the Internet Security Settings, Local Security settings on my laptop. But nothing worked out.

The last resort was to raise a ticket with the System Administrators team to get this fixed. Few of the initial responses from them was expected. “Try now”, “Reinstall Citrix plugin” etc. But one of them suggested a cool tip. Check if the proxy option is enabled in Internet Explorer. Hopped on to IE settings and here is what I saw.

By default, there was some reference to a file in the Proxy settings and I am aware that we need not use any proxy scripts in Client browser in my organization. So safely unchecked the “Use automatic configuration script” in Lan Settings and as expected it worked!

Did not hesitate to send a quick Thank you email, since this fix helped me to avoid using my Virtual PC to access Client Servers.

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