Find full path of a share by the Share Name

Couple of days back one of the junior DBAs reached out to me in hurry and had one question ready for me. He was on a call and he was supposed to copy a file on a Shared Path on a server. He did not have access to that share but he was an Administrator on the Server which hosted that share. He wanted to know the actual path of that shared folder so that he could logon to the server and copy the files locally.

I am aware of two ways of getting this information. One is the GUI mode and the other one is through Command Line interface.

Navigate to Computer Management –> Shared Folders –> Shares. This lists all the shared folders on that server.

The other way is through the Command Prompt. Open Run –> cmd.exe and type net share.

2 thoughts on “Find full path of a share by the Share Name

  1. Stephen Munson

    The command line might be faster, and here’s the command I would use, so that in case it’s a server with numerous home directories on it, and the number of shares is massive, it’s easily found:

    NET SHARE | FINDSTR /B /C:”sharename”

    That will most likely produce just one line if the full share name has been specified. It may produce nothing if the sharename provided doesn’t actually exist, or if there’s a typo in typing in the sharename.

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