Making sense of hexadecimal error codes in Cluster Log

As I was casually going through my mailbox today morning, saw one CheckServiceAlive failure message for one of the Clustered Instances.

[sqsrvres] CheckServiceAlive:
QueryServiceStatus failed (status 45b).

Since I was connecting from home, I did not feel like logging on to the server to check what was going on. From the error message it was obvious that the CheckAlive service did not get a timely response while connecting to the SQL Server Resource. Anyway to get more information from this error message alone?

Yes, it is possible. The status code 45B holds the key. As I used the calculator to convert an hexadecimal value to decimal in this post, the value 45B needs to be converted to decimal.

Now that the decimal error code 1115 has been arrived at, all it takes is to look for what this error code means. As per this article in MSDN Error Code 1115 means A system shutdown is in progress. As it turned out the Storage team had some installation on this server which required a reboot.

I am happy that my laziness lead to an useful post on my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

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