How to clear recent server list from SSMS

Yesterday I came across a question which was How to clear the Most Recently Used (MRU) server names from the connect screen in SSMS? There is no feature in SSMS to clear the MRU from the Connect to Server screen. Let me explain the workaround using the example from my virtual machine.

When I launched SSMS 2008 the Connect screen looked like this.

It has a lot servers listed in it. This information is stored in a file named SQLStudio.bin. This file is located in the below folder.

C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Shell

If SSMS version is 2005 then in the above path 100 needs to be changed to 90.

To clear the server names from the Connect screen, all it takes is to delete this file. Before deleting this file ensure that SSMS is closed. Else when SSMS is opened next time it will still show the old server names. This is because SSMS updates SQLStudio.bin just before it exits completely.

Thats all. After deleting this file, when SSMS is launched for the next time, it will not have any recently used server names listed.

Small tip but useful information to know.

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