Missing domain group error while installing SQL Server 2008 failover cluster

One of the regular readers of my blog $sammy was trying to install SQL Server 2008 in a clustered environment on his Virtual Machine. The underlying operating system was Windows Server 2003. He had configured all the prerequisites correctly. But the Setup was not progressing beyond the Cluster Secutiry Policy screen. Even after giving the correct domain groups in this screen, he was getting an error.

The error message read

Missing domain group.
To continue, provide a valid domain group for the service.

When I looked at this error, I checked with him if the Domain Group was valid and it had the SQL Server Service Account as its member. He confirmed that it was a valid group and the startup account was already a member of that group. Moreover he had granted that group necessary privileges on the domain (enjoying the liberty of installing this on his on VM). He tried adding the group by clicking on the […] button on all the three text boxes and also tried copy/pasting the group name in all the fields. Same error. I was not sure what could be the reasons behind it and could not dig deeper into the issue, since I got caught up with several “production” instance issues.

A day after I got an email from him stating that he got past that error and I was surprised to see the workaround.

  • Click on the browse […] button in the first field i.e. Database Engine domain group text box and select the correct Domain Group.
  • Then copy the Domain Name from the first field and paste it on the next two fields (should not click on […] button)

No more error and the setup progresses to the next step. This could not get any weird than this. One of the most strange behavior I have seen in SQL Server setup!

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