Property ErrorLogFile is not available for JobServer

Yesterday I came across a question in which the user was facing an issue with SQL Server 2008 Agent. The properties of SQL Server Agent could not be opened in SSMS. The following error message was displayed.

Property ErrorLogFile is not available for JobServer '[ServerName]'.
This property may not exist for this object,
or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

The reasons for this issue can be

  1. The SQL Server Agent service account does not have access to the SQLServerAgent key in the registry.
  2. The ErrorLogFile key does not have a value or has a wrong path in the Registry.

The Registry key that is being referred to is located at the following location. This example is from a SQL Server Default Instance.

The Service Account had FULL permissions on this key. In his case the value of ErrorLogFile key was blank.

After entering the correct path in the ErrorLogFile key, the property screen for SQL Server Agent displayed without any errors.

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  1. Ron Sexton

    Thanks. Using the information from the second node where the install for SQL went smoothly i filled in the empty entry on the first node where the install failed because the network service couldn’t create the SQL network name (virtual server for it on the cluster) and all seems well now.


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