SQL Server failed to communicate with Full-Text Service

Here is one of the forum questions I responded to yesterday. When executing a query using FREETEXT, the following error message was displayed.

Since the error message mentions about permissions of the service account, it was checked. The Service Account had sufficient privileges. This TechNet article clearly mentions the root cause of this error.

This message occurs because SQL Server Configuration Manager was not used to change either the SQL Server Service Account or the SQL Server Full-Text Search Service Account. This prevents the SQL Server Service Account from accessing the Full-Text Search Service.

I have come across many DBAs who tend to change the Service Account for SQL Server services using the Services Control Manager (services.msc). It usually works without any problems. But at times I have seen this method giving unexpected results. Hence I always recommend changing the SQL Server and related services’ startup account using the SQL Server Configuration Manager (SSCM). When the start up account is changed using SSCM, apart from changing the logon details for the Service Account, several other privileges like on the folder/registry are granted to that account. These changes do not take place when it is done through services.msc.

For this case as well, changing the Service Account through SQL Server Configuration Manager did the trick.

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