How to disable rollback files in Config.msi folder

Sometime back I came across a question where the SQL Server uninstallation was failing because there was not enough space on the drive to create the .rbf file.

Error 1307. There is not enough disk space to install this file:

As evident from the error message, SQL Server installer file was unable to create a Rollback file on the C drive. These .rbf files gets created depending upon whether the Windows Installer (.msi) file needs to rollback its actions if cancelled in between. By design these files are created in the Config.msi folder, which is always located on the drive hosting the Operating System (%systemdrive%). There is no option to change the Windows Installer to generate the .rbf file on any other drive.

The only workaround to this issue is to stop the Windows Installer from generating any rollback files. The below steps needs to be followed to stop Windows Installer from creating rollback files.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer\DisableRollback in Registry Editor and create a new DWORD value called DisableRollback and set its value to 1.

After creating this value, the rollback files will not be created for any msi files. Since the post did not get updated after my response, I assume that the issue got resolved because of this workaround.

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