Happy Birthday SQL DBA Diaries!

Happy Birthday!

Last year on the same day, I started a new journey. On my wedding anniversary I gifted myself with a blog. SQL DBA Diaries was born!

What a journey is has been! I had started this blog with an intention to write about some of the interesting challenges that I come across as a SQL Server DBA. May be the number of issues that I faced were too many, since I was able to put together 221 posts in 365 days! The response to my rumblings was overwhelming as my blog witness 80000+ page views in the last one year!

My blog has been my window to the amazing SQL Community. With each comment and retweet, I got to interact with many really cool people. My intention was to share what I already knew with each post. But I ended up learning more than what I wanted to share!

While I am celebrating the first birthday of my blog in full glory, I am all determined to make it bigger and better in the coming years.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday SQL DBA Diaries!

  1. $sammy

    Wow Congrats & Birth day wishes to the blog πŸ˜›
    .. it has been knowledgeable journey for me following this blog since beginning..
    Thanks again ..

    All the best πŸ™‚

  2. Sireesha Budagala

    Pradeep, Happy Birthday to SQL DBA Diaries. Congratulations on successfully completing 1 year and All the very Best for many more years to the Blog . Keep Going…….
    Very useful blog πŸ™‚

  3. Alex

    Pradeep…Congratulations !!!
    I have read many of ur bolgs and found them interesting and need your help on one of my dev related issue.
    Query : Need to build Table with partitions on date column (mm/dd/yy) and it has to get dropped after every 21 day of the month
    , Can you please help me with a script or let me know how to use sql server for solving this issue.

    My Email : *****@yahoo.in

    With Warm Regards


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