Mising MSI or MSP files while installing SQL Server service packs

Last week we were applying SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4 (SP4) on one of the instances. While patching the Database Services, the following screen popped up.

This issue is very well known by know. SQL Server update fails because of missing cached .msi files in C:\WINDOWS\Installer folder. In this post I had explained how can we resolve this issue by manually copying the files.

Then why am I posting about the same issue again? Earlier whenever SQL Server update installer did not find relevant files in C:\WINDOWS\Installer folder, it would fail silently without giving any clue as to why it failed. Then one had to manually go through the error logs in SetupBootStrap folder to understand the exact reason for the failure.

Starting SQL Server 2005 SP4, the installer pops up a dialogue box as seen in the above screenshot. With this the DBA can locate the path of the missing file (SQLRun_SQL.msi in this case), so that the patching progresses without interruption.

This is a very useful new feature in SQL Server service pack installer. I hope in the coming days, the installer lists all the missing .msi/.msp files in the initial stage so that the DBA can resolve the issues and then resume with the patch installation.

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