Reading list for the week – 26/09/11

This week I have quite a few very good articles listed in the Reading list for the week. The list begins with a post from the master himself, Paul Randal (b | t). In How does DBCC CHECKDB WITH ESTIMATEONLY work? post Paul explains how DBCC CHECKDB consumes space on tempdb and how one can use WITH ESTIMATEONLY to forecast the space requirement on tempdb for CHECKDB to complete.

Paul White (b | t) explains in detail which statistics are used to compile an Execution Plan in his post How to Find the Statistics Used to Compile an Execution Plan.

We all come across bugs in SQL Server. SQL community is the major contributor in reporting these bugs. Aaron Bertrand (b |t), who is an expert in filing the bugs related to SQL Server talks about the art of filing bugs in his post Want your bug fixed? File a good bug!

Laerte Poltronieri Junior explains how to store the Event Log entries in SQL Server by using Powershell, in his post Storing Windows Event Viewer Output in a SQL Server table with PowerShell

Cumulative update package 16 for SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 was released recently. More details about it here.

Happy learning!

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