Reading list for the week – 03/10/11

In this edition of Reading list for the week, I am presenting you with some of the Microsoft KB articles which were updated recently.

  • How to use Kerberos authentication in SQL Server – In this article we learn how Kerberos authentication works and how we can configure SQL Server to use it.
  • SQL Server databases can be configured to grow and shrink automatically. The questions like “whether to configure Auto Grow/Shrink?”, “what will be performance impacts” are answered in details in Considerations for the “autogrow” and “autoshrink” settings in SQL Server article. This one is a must read for every DBA.
  • SQL Server Denali introduces a new feature called Product Update. This feature ensures that all the latest updates are applied to SQL Server instance at the time of installation. The Product Update feature can also make use of the Windows Update to get the latest updates for SQL Server. This article explains how to troubleshoot issues with Product Update when it is dependent on Windows Update.

Alejandro Pelc (b) posts writes about an approach to present deadlock information in a more easy to read format in his article Catching Deadlock Information in SQL Logs.

Happy learning!

One thought on “Reading list for the week – 03/10/11

  1. papynormand

    This post should be useful except that there is a little problem : the two first links are not working ( page not found ) , only the 3rd link gives access to a post ( Catching Deadlock Information in SQL Logs ). This article seems very interesting and useful , but with my problems of understanding English , I think I will need to reread it at least 3 times before being able to understand it in a full way.


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