Reading list for the week – 10/10/11

Here are the top items in my Reading List for this week.

  1. Itzik Ben-Gan (b | t) in his post Denali T-SQL at a Glance – New and Enhanced Functions talks about the new and improved functions in SQL Server Denali.
  2. If you read SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, you would be thrilled to know that SQL Server MVP Deep Dives – Volume 2 is now published!. Read more about on Greg Low’s blog post.
  3. Michael Otey (b) presents his view on why the PC is not going away yet in his article Windows 8 and Windows Server 8 Dispel the Myth of the Post-PC Era.
  4. A simple, yet informative article by Linchi Shea (b) explains about Multi-victim deadlocks
  5. On the other big news SQL Server 2008 SP3 is released. Read more about it here.

Happy learning!

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