Database mirroring cannot be enabled because the database is not in full recovery mode on both partners

Recently I had worked on a mirroring issue. While initializing mirroring, an error message as shown in the below screenshot is encountered.


Here’s how this issue was fixed

  • Check if the recovery model of the database on the Prinicipal Server was set to FULL. <– Yes, it was.
  • Take the full database backup of the database on the Prinicpal server
  • Take the transaction log backup of the database on the Principal Server
  • Restore the full database backup on the mirrored instance WITH NORECOVERY
  • Restore the transaction log backup on the mirrored instance WITH NORECOVERY

Configure Mirroring again.

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  1. Hi Pradeep,

    Is it possible to find who and when a new file(Ndf) has been added to exiting database.

      • Hi Pradeep,

        I am Running a Server side trace i am trying to capture the events which satisfies the filters

        database like ‘********’
        loginname like ‘abcd’

        But i could see that in out put database more than ‘********’ and CPU <=0 and duration<=0.

        Can you please let me know what is the issue?

        • Hi Prameela,
          Is it because you are looking at the “Existing connection” on the left hand side of the window?

  2. Hi Pradeep,

    Good Morning!

    Hope doing Great..

    Here is my small question which i got confused.

    Memory setting based on procesers(CPU)

    is there any process to set memory to the sQL server based on CPUS?

    Please update me on this.

    Venkatswamy Gupta P

    • Hi Gupta,
      Not sure I understand your question correctly. While configuring Max server memory you would take into account the System Architecture, i.e. The size of the thread stack would be 2 MB on 64 bit and 512 KB on 32 bit

  3. Yes Pradeep!
    Thanks for the update.

    One of my colleage is saying that he would configure memory settings on SQL server based on the CPU count.though i’m not aggree with his statement.
    I belive memory settig should be based on dbsize.Please give me ur inputs onthis.


  4. Hi Pradeep,

    We have a maintenance task to reorganize indexes weekly once and it is being failed. when I have verified the reason for its failure I came to know the issue is due to page level locking is disabled for few tables of a database. And I believe if I enable this page level locking obviously it runs successfully but here my question is regarding replication or mirroring has any impact by enabling page level locking for required tables.

    Please share your views on this.